1) Where can I buy Pinnacle Textile merchandise?

Pinnacle products can be found in retail stores and rental laundries across the United States or through authorized online retailers.  To find a distributor near you, please call us at (800)901-4784.

2) How do I become an Pinnacle Textile Customer?

Pinnacle sells only to qualified retailers, resellers, or rental laundries. To register for an account, a company must have a State Tax ID and/or Resale Certificate. If you meet these qualifications, please call us at (800) 901-4784 or email us at CUSTSVC@PINNACLETEXTILE.COM to receive additional information.

3) Why are prices not shown on the catalog?

Prices are only shown to qualified Pinnacle Textile customers once they have logged in to their online account.

4) What is your return policy?

All sales are final. Only goods with fabric or manufacturing defects, or that have been shipped in error, may be returned, and then only with prior written authorization. Please inspect garments before processing. Pinnacle Textile will not reimburse for any decoration on defective or mis-shipped merchandise. This policy also applies to items shipped to third party consignees.

This information can also be found on our Terms & Conditions page.


5) How do I activate my online account?

To activate your Online Account, click the “Request An Account” link in the top header of our website. On the next page, click “Start Here” in the “Create an Online Account” box. Please fill out the form completely and click “Submit Form”. An email confirming activation will be sent by the following business day to the email address provided. Please be aware that users can only sign up for an Online Account if they have been approved as a Pinnacle Customer and been assigned a Pinnacle account number.

6) How do I login to my online account?

Each user’s Login consists of both an email address and a password. The user will give this information when they fill out the “Request Account” form. After your online account has been activated, click “Sign In” on the top header and follow the instructions.

7) What should I do if I forgot or want to change my username and/or password?

In order to retrieve a forgotten username and/or password, click the “Sign In” link in the top header of our website. On the next page, click the “Forgot your Password” link. Follow the instructions and you will be able to retrieve your username and password.


8) How long after I place my order does it ship?

Your order’s ship date will be dependent on a number of variables including quantity of goods ordered, type of items, time of day order is placed, and availability of merchandise. Pinnacle Textiles continually strives to ship orders out as soon as possible.

9) Do you have the ability to drop ship merchandise?

Pinnacle Textile can drop ship merchandise anywhere in the United States and to many international locations. Your shipment will be sent blind, with no Pinnacle information or prices listed. Drop ship information can be entered during the checkout process.

10) How can I change my billing or shipping information?

Billing information can be changed by email, phone, fax, or postal mail. Users will not be able to alter this information through the website.

Shipping information can be updated during the checkout process. Your default shipping address will initially pre-populate the shipping fields on this page. Users can ship to an alternate address by clicking the “Ship to a Different Address” option and filling in the desired ship-to location.

11) Will I receive an order confirmation once I have completed the Checkout process?

During normal business hours, order acknowledgements are sent within two hours of placing an online order. If an order is placed at night or on the weekend, acknowledgments will be sent the following business day.

12) How can I check the status of my backorder?

To check the status of a backorder, please call us at (800) 901-4784 or email custsvc@pinnacletextile.com.

13) How do I cancel a backorder?

When placing an order online, all customers will be notified of backorders by a message stating “Quantity not currently available. Items will be placed on backorder.” Users have the option of changing the quantity or deleting this particular item before and during the checkout process.

Once an order has been submitted, backorders can be canceled by calling (800) 901-4784 and speaking to one of our Customer Service Representatives. To help facilitate your request, please have your Account #, PO #, and Order # ready when you call.

14) How can I change delivery options when I place my order?

Delivery options can be changed during the Checkout section. Each online account will default to the user’s preferred shipment method on file. If you choose to change the shipping method, click “Ship Via Alternate Method” and fill out the necessary fields.

15) Does Pinnacle Textiles accommodate special orders?

Pinnacle can accommodate certain types of special orders such as Non Stock Sizes or Special Styles, Colors, and Fabrics. All special orders are subject to acceptance by management and cannot be canceled once put into production. Please call us at (800) 901-4784 if you would like find out more.