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Celebrating 19 years in business, Pinnacle Textile Industries, LLC is one of the premier, uniform manufacturers, and distributors in the United States. Our catalog includes an extensive collection of kitchen, linen, industrial and medical merchandise. To support this, we have created a global supply chain, which efficiently brings our product to you at competitive prices. Pinnacle’s manufacturing capabilities utilize first-rate fabrics and meticulous sewing standards to withstand the rigors of both home and industrial laundering.

Pinnacle Textile serves linen and industrial rental, large public and private restaurant and hospitality companies, and other large buyers of image uniform programs. From service apparel and aprons to linens and specialty items, if you use it, we supply it. Included in our stock product offering is a wide variety of kitchen, industrial, food processing, image, and healthcare uniforms. Our Kwik Kustom program expands that offering to include quick-shipTM custom-made styles utilizing our standard patterns and in-stock fabric and trims, with low minimum order requirements. We’ll help ensure that your garments meet local, state, or federal requirements. If you are an end-user or individual restaurant and need help selecting a distributor or local linen service, email our Customer Service Center at custsvc@pinnacletextile.com. We look forward to working with you to deliver the products you need.

We deliver remarkable quality, selection, and value in every category. Here at Pinnacle Textile, our focus is on your needs and responding with excellent customer service. We provide same-day shipping, private label capabilities, and garment modifications. With on-site custom embroidery, rare sizes 7X and special fabrics and colors, you’ll find everything you need at Pinnacle. We will also create an original custom design for you. Just ask. It’s all part of our Kwik Kustom and Summit Services capabilities because Pinnacle does whatever it takes. And that’s a promise we never break.

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Our Staff

Patrick Methven - President, Founder, Managing Partner
ph (484) 687-4161  l  fax (610) 239-7912

Robert Lazarus - Chairman, Partner

David Gurss - Executive Vice President, Partner
ph (248) 789-8505  l  fax (610) 278-7080

David Shimp - Vice President Sales & Marketing
ph (484) 687-4171  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Idelisse Luciano - Vice President of Operations, Caribbean Sales Manager
ph (484) 687-4164  l  fax (484) 687-4054

Howard Minnick - Director, Manufacturing & Global Sourcing
ph (404) 307-2384  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Joe Baker - Credit & Collections Manager
ph (484) 687-4163  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Jason Blemings - Customer Service Supervisor
ph (484) 687-4050  l  fax (484) 687-4063

Rafael Cruz - Production Manager
ph (484) 687-4162  l  fax (484) 687-4055

Scot Presant - IT Manager
ph (610) 278-7050 x320  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Sal Alamia - Warehouse Manager
ph (215) 206-0918  fax (610) 278-7080

Jennifer Laffan - Marketing and Sales Coordinator
ph (610) 278-7050 x338  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Kelly Light - Government Sales Specialist
ph (610) 278-7050 x441  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Gary Mazzie - Regional Account Manager
m (917) 612-7728  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Craig Marti - Regional Sales Representative
West/Midwest Territory
m (618) 789-2423  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Curt Sentner - Regional Sales Representative
West Coast Territory
m (949) 677-7393  l  fax (610) 278-7080

Roger McKee - FRC and Apparel Specialist
m (443) 838-8971  l  fax (610) 278-7080

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