Custom Embroidery

Embroidered hat for Villanova University

Pinnacle Textile can provide on-site custom embroidery on just about any product we manufacture, all in just a matter of days. At Pinnacle, we can produce a digitized logo from any source, be it a JPEG format, a business card, a website image - whatever! Digitized logos typically take 24-48 hours to produce and embroidery orders are completed in just a day or two depending on the size. We use only the best Madeira thread for colorfastness and the truest, sharpest colors. Call your order in today and we’ll produce it tomorrow! For very large orders we can embroider directly at our manufacturing facilities while the uniform is being assembled, which could save on cost, if time allows.

Stock Madeira Thread Colors

* Partial list of stock Madeira thread colors.

Forest Green
Kelly Green
Royal Blue
Gray (Dark)

* Additional charge for non-stock colors apply.

Most Popular Embroidery Fonts

(many more available)

Custom Services

We have expanded our custom service capabilities!

We offer Property Stamping, Retail Tagging, Special Packaging, Hemming, Button Changes and other basic alterations on demand at our USA Distribution Centers. In addition, our new factory level Kwik Kustom Program offers reduced turn times and expanded color, size and pattern options to existing stock styles. Pinnacle remains committed to providing reliable, expeditious, post- manufacturing services to satisfy all customer requirements. If you require a service not listed, please contact your Account Representative or Customer Service and we will be happy to explore all available options.

Summit Services

Post Manufacturing Alteration Services performed at USA Distribution Centers.

Services include:

  • Thermo-patch PERM-A-PRINT Marking: (Applied with ink and heat) Logos, names and other information can be applied to the fabric. Additional, one-time set-up fees may apply.
  • Emblems: Sew customer-provided emblems to uniforms.
  • Hemming: Pant inseams; shorten sleeve length. Hem pants to shorts.
  • Special Poly Bagging: Change stock packaging on styles from multiples to individual bagging.

Full Custom

Custom manufacturing for items that require new patterns, fabric and components.

  • Private Label: Private Label programs are available upon request. Cost varies from program to program. Customer must agree to stocking and withdrawal conditions. Minimums apply. Please contact your Account Representative or Customer Service for complete details.
  • New Pattern Items: We welcome the opportunity to quote on any uniform, apron or linen item not currently available through our stock or Kwik Kustom programs. A sample would be required for pattern and cost review prior to quotation. Please contact your Account Representative or Customer Service to discuss.
  • Special Fabric: We have the capability to secure special fabrics upon request. In most cases, reasonable yardage minimums would apply, with actual order minimums ultimately dependent upon yield of purchased yardage. Final production may vary.
  • Minimum Order Quantity/Lead Time-special Orders: Full custom garments/uniforms require total purchase of 576 ea. with full dozen increments per size; Aprons require 100 dz. minimum; Table Linen minimums based on carton/case pack quantities as defined by factory; Aprons and Linen sold only in full dozen increments. Lead time for new orders 10-12 weeks after approval of pre-production sample. Repeat orders completed in 8-10 weeks. Customers required to purchase any second quality/irregulars produced at a price reduction. Maximum quantity of seconds/irregulars capped at 2% of total quantity ordered.

Kwik Kustom

Uses stock fabric and components in conjunction with pre-existing patterns to provide expanded color/size options to complement regularly stocked inventory. Six week turn time with minimums as low as 24 pieces. Styles marked with the Kwik Kustom icon are eligible.

  • Non-stock Sizes - Uniforms: We will produce non- stock sizes on stock styles upon request. Must purchase in full dozen increments per size.
  • Non-stock Sizes - Linen: We have the ability to produce non-stock sizes of table linen dependent upon fabric availability. Not all colors/widths are available. Please contact your Pinnacle Representative or Customer Service for additional information. Minimums apply.
  • Basic Modifications: In addition to the Kwik Kustom items detailed in this guide, stock items that require additional basic modifications are also available. Basic modifications include, but are not limited to:
    • Fabric/color changes, custom pocket configurations, cuff options (knit, shorten, etc.), aprons string color/type changes, private labels, colored hem thread for apron/linen, additional length (talls) for garments/aprons, colored garment trim and closure changes (buttons to snaps, etc.).

Pricing on all modifications will be provided upon request and a sample may be required prior to quotation. Counter samples provided upon request; minimums and lead times vary based on specifics and complexity of alteration requested.

Fabric Choices for Kwik Kustom Garment

* See our catalog for colors available.

Option A:

(Blended Chef Coats, Coveralls, Industrial Pants, Kitchen Pants, Baggy Pants, Jackets, Parkas, Butcher Frocks)

7 - 7.2 oz. 65/35 Poly/Cotton Twill Fabrics

Option B:

(Blended Smocks, Wrap Gowns, Tunics, Elastic Pants, Lab and Counter Coats, Princess Dresses)

5.25 oz. 65/35 Poly/Cotton Poplin

Option C:

(Blended Industrial Workshirts, Cook Shirts, Professional Shirts)

4.25 oz. 65/35 Poly/Cotton Poplin

Option D:

(Polyester Chef Coats, Kitchen Pants, Baggy Pants, Butcher Frocks, piping and trim options on frocks and chef coats)

100% Spun Polyester, mid-heavy weight

Option E:


In addition to the Kwik Kustom items specifically listed in this guide, most items needing slight changes to stock items can be completed in the same expeditious manner. A partial list of examples would be:

  • Different fabric color
  • Change pocket configuration
  • Cuff change (knit, shorten, etc.)
  • Apron strings
  • Label change
  • Colored thread in hem of linen or apron
  • Colored trim on a garment
  • Longer length of apron or garment
  • Buttons to snaps or vice versa
  • Adjustable apron neck

Pricing on modifications will be provided upon request. A sample may be required before quotation. A counter sample will be provided upon request. Orders may require higher minimums and lead time could vary depending on whether the request could be satisfied with stock or readily available fabric and components.

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